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 Testimonials-Hear From Parents

Parent: Mrs. Green 

Taught Scholar: 2 years

Very dedicated, knowledgeable, and patient. Mrs. Bertrand is a great teacher. She has taught my daughter English/Reading for two years and my daughter has learned tremendously. Ms. Washington is always smiling and excited when she speaks about her students and their accomplishments. Whenever I need assistance or have any questions, her response is prompt and patient.

Parent: Mrs. Rivet

Taught Scholar: 2 years

Ms. Bertrand was one of the first teachers I met. She engaged with my girls immediately. She identfiied the areas where they were falling short and began to teach them procedures that would help them overcome. My girls began to feel self-assured again. During the parent-teacher conferences, I would always take notes of the information she gave me and at times when I didn't understand homework or assignments, Ms. Washington would give me clarity and assurance of all changes. She has a way of making you feel top priority, not just with my children, but with each child and parent and I have seen this myself. I trust her totally with my girls and am grateful how my girls have achieved a better education. Ms. Washington has taught my girls leadership both inside and outside of the classroom. She has given me heads up so I can be able to help my children. I simply love how she breaks down the work into layman's terms for me. Thank you Ms. Washington for helping me become an even prouder parent.

Colleague: Ms. Burton

Worked With: 3 years

As an educator, I'm always looking for resources for my scholar's families to ensure that they can have support at home. Black MasterMind is just that resource! This was much needed, especially with the pandemic and families having to, somewhat, become teachers! I hope more people begin to use it so that our kids can have the tools they need when they aren't at school!

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