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Black Knowledge=Black Excellence

Black MasterMinds LLC aims to equip African-American families with the confidence and knowledge necessary in teaching, assisting, and fostering their scholars' educational success and growth.

Supportive, efficient, and valuable, Black Masterminds provides the opportunity to undervalued African-American families to educate their scholars with holistic and useful tools including skill-building strategies, guided instruction and practice, and pre-recorded lessons aligned to English Language Arts and Mathematics Common Core standards in  elementary grade levels.

Black MasterMinds LLC has acknowledged an academic and opportunity gap in African-American scholars' access and academic skill levels.  We have also noticed that families are often portrayed as careless or even unhelpful when it comes to educating their scholars. This assumption causes extreme distance between the teacher and the parent/guardian in supporting the scholars' academic  development. Because of this,  immediate action is necessary to not only temporarily close, but eliminate these gaps and misconceptions forever. BMM wants our families to learn how to support, advocate, and equip their scholars with the intellectual preparation and information required for their success.

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