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A Message from Our Founder:                   Mrs. Bertrand

    Irielle Bertrand M.A.T. 
     Founder and Instructor

Welcome to Black MasterMinds! I am Irielle Bertrand, the founder and instructor of Black Masterminds LLC. With a Masters of Arts in Education and as a certified elementary teacher in grades K-5, I have six years of extensive experience in all elementary school subjects with English Language Arts and Mathematics being my specialty.


As I am a committed and dedicated educator, I am an African-American Black woman first. Being a native of New Orleans, LA, I witnessed academic gaps and invisible opportunities for our black and brown children as well as families. I refuse to have such an amazing gift attached to my influential role in scholars and families' lives and not apply them to our beautiful black and gifted scholars of our future. 


Black MasterMinds is here for YOU. Although I am here to offer support and resources for parents to help their scholars academically, my mission doesn't stop there. Moreover, I am here to give families the opportunity and the proper tools to fully foster, equip, and enhance their scholar's success at no cost.  We have all heard that "it takes a village" to raise a child. I stand strong with that mindset especially when it comes to education. I pledge to fully educate not only the children, but also the parents and families. Together we will educate our children with everything we have.

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